Musical Review; “Where Are We Now” by David Bowie

Musical Review; “Where Are We Now” by David Bowie

The Faker

turns to face himself

and sees nothing

wants to take us with him yet again

on a journey

asking questions

of darkness and dismay


that we have long since answered.

We have enabled him

we have allowed the piper to play

the Jester

Peter Pan to our boyhood lost

lost in the late 20th century counter culture

Perhaps this time he is sincere

Welcome to reality David Jones

we have been expecting you


Major Tom’s tin can

has finally fallen to earth.


We might go again

if only for old times sake

but we will not believe him this time

we will not this time

take along our razors

just in case of depression

over Rock and Roll’s recent suicide

The stardust has faded

Wendy has grown

Perhaps one more flight would be nice

It really is a great song!

David Bowie the Jester


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